The 4", 5", and 6" packets offer the complete selection of all the colors and shades, typically over 100 color/shades in each package. These are perfect for making a quick quilt or craft project... Think of it.. No cutting!!

2"x22" precut strips. These strips are wonderful for that Trip Around The World quilt you have been thinking about, or for a beautifully colored and fanciful Log Cabin. The possibilities are only limited by the 2" width.

2007 - 2x22" Precut Strips $29.99 ea.

2009 - 2x22" Precut Strips $19.99 ea.

Fat Quarter Bundles are available in typical gradations of light, medium, and dark. However, there will always be a few colors that scream more or less during the dyeing process. (Please see Hand-Dyed FQ Sets)

The hand-dyed fabrics are also available in limited amounts of yardage, so one thing to keep in mind when you place your order - Order a little extra than your project requires. These are hand-dyed fabrics and no matter how I try, they never seem to come out the same way twice.
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Hand-Dyed Fabrics...

Our hand-dyed fabrics come in various colors and shades. I try to do gradations of three (light,medium, and dark), but sometimes I just get inspired and start playing with the different colors, with each strip set or pre-cut square set containing over 100 pieces.
2007 Dye-Lot: 160+ Pieces, Shades of Pastel to Med-Dark
2009 Dye-Lot: 100+ Pieces, Shades Jewel Tones
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4" Squares
$9.99 ea.
5" Squares
$14.99 ea.
6" Squares
$24.99 ea.
5" Squares
$12.99 ea.
4" Squares
$7.99 ea.

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