Hand Dyed Yardage

I have been dyeing these fabrics in a number of different colors for the past several years. They never seem to turn out the same way twice. They are dyed in limited yardage amounts due to the process of dyeing in bags. Please be sure to order just a bit more than your project requires to ensure you have enough to complete it.

Please specify the item # of yards you wish in the quantity section of the order form when ordering these items. All yardage is available in limited quantities at this time, so please get a little bit more than you need for your project, as I have yet to be able to replicate the exact color or shade of any of the hand-dyed fabrics.

This page is still a work in progress. A new dye-lot of hand-dyed fabrics is currently in the works and soon to be posted.

Please continue on to the preprinted fabrics. Thank you!

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