Dragonfly Magic Collection
Magnolia Lrg Print Wine/Gold
$9.99 Yard

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Nette's Quilt Fabrics ... From Home

Dragonfly Magic Swirls - Gold/Cream
M5920 - Ivory
$9.99 Yard
Honeystone Hill Collection
Magnolia Med Print Wine/Gold
M4200 - Wine
$9.99 Yard
Honeystone Hill - Straw
$9.99 Yard
Honeystone Hill - Expresso
$9.99 Yard
Please note: These Honeystone Hill Collection prints and the Dragonfly Magic prints match wonderfully with the Magnolia Collection - What a wonderfully elegant table runner or quilt these fabrics will be.
Dragonfly Magic Swirls - Wine/Gold
M5920 - Gold
$9.99 Yard
Magnolia Collection
Simple Stitches Collection
Simple stitches Circles
$8.99 Yard
Simple Stitches Sm. Leaves
SSTI-532G - sage/crm
$8.99 Yard