Days To Remember Collection
Days To Remember Floral (Lrg)
BTR-5100 Ivory
$8.49 Yard

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Days To Remember Geometric
5091 Tan
$8.49 Yard
Days To Remember Floral (Lrg)
BTR-5100 Cocoa
$8.49 Yard
Days To Remember Leaf
5098 Nutmeg
$8.49 Yard
Days To Remember Calico
5095 Ivory
$8.49 Yard
Days To Remember Dashes
5093 Tobacco
$8.49 Yard
Cottage Rose Stripes
CROS-455Z (Brn/mustard)
$6.99 Yard
Color Idea:
This Cottage Rose stripes picks up the cocoa and gold'ish tones nicely. The Waterford Calico also has similar shades of teal blue, yet a different look.
Waterford Lucinda Teal/Blue Calico
6109 Teal
$8.99 Yard